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Our Cakes are generously proportioned.

all our cakes are 12 cm tall, As a guide :

8cm cake | feeds 2 people
11cm cake | feeds 4 people
15cm cake | feeds approx 8-10 people

18cm cake | feeds aprox 15-17 people

22cm cake | feeds aprox 20-25 people

26cm cake | feeds aprox 30-35 people

2-tiered cakes (22cm & 15m) | feeds approx 40
3-tiered cakes (26cm, 22cm & 15 cm) |  feeds approx 80


Standard cupcake size, approx 4.5cm
Brownies box | 16 portions are approx 5*5 square

Minimum order

Cupcakes: 4 items

Cake to GO: 2 items

Cake tacos: 2 items

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All our products are made without artificial preservatives and we always recommend eating them on the day to enjoy them at their best. Depending on your needs you may want to get your cakes a day before you plan to serve them, and that's fine too - just store in their boxes at room temperature, or in the fridge if the weather is very warm. When storing cake in the fridge always allow it to come to room temperature before serving - please note that for large cakes this can take several hours. In the (unlikely) event you find that you have cupcakes left over they’ll stay fresh for 2 days or so in their box. You can store you cakes in an airtight container for 1 week.

Our Cakes are available in 4 layers, 11 cm high depending on flavour and decoration. A 8 cm cakes provides 2 servings, 11cm cakes provides 4 servings, 14cm cakes provides 6-8 servings, 18 cm cakes provides 12-15 generous servings; 23 cm cakes serve 18-22 and 26 cm cakes serve 30-36.

For bigger sizes (higher or 2 tier+ cakes) please contact us for quotation.

Kindly refer to our cake collection to choose flavors then send us your request and desired design via whatsapp link

We recommend ordering Cupcakes and Brownies a minimum of two days in advance and Cakes 4 days in advance, but we do get very busy so it’s worth allowing more time if you can. This is especially true for very large orders and orders involving lots of bespoke decoration. For weddings and other large orders it is advisable to give us as much notice as possible. Larger cakes, especially bespoke cakes, require more notice and we recommend giving at least two weeks’ notice or more if possible.

We will always try to accommodate last-minute orders whenever we can; if you have a cake or cupcake emergency and need an urgent order please call us on +96170417622 and we'll do our very best to help.

If you need to change the date or details of your order or cancel it altogether please contact us as far in advance as possible. We will always be as accommodating as we can if you need to change or postpone an order but please bear in mind that we may have had to turn away other customers to fulfil your booking for a particular date so refunds/changes are not always possible. For a full run-down please refer to our terms and conditions.

Collecting your cakes the day before you need them is fine. Please ensure you store and transport them safely as we cannot accept responsibility for cakes once they have been collected.